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Our Vision

We are part of the Church of England in the Diocese of Salisbury. In this parish we believe God has set a clear agenda for all that we do through the words of an Old Testament prophet:
“I shall search for the lost, recover the straggler, bandage the injured, strengthen the sick, leave the healthy and strong to play, and give my flock their proper food.” Ezekiel 34.16 

To search for the lost

We are convinced that we only enter fullness of life through knowing God in Jesus Christ, and that we are called to be active in sharing the good news of his life, death and resurrection so that we may be reconciled to our Father God.

To recover the straggler

We recognise our call to support followers of Jesus who have found that discipleship has been costly and difficult. We want to welcome back into a loving fellowship those who used to follow Jesus, but through circumstances, brokenness or hurt have given up on God. We want to be part of God’s recovery programme for a broken-down world so that people may know that they are loved and cherished. God hasn't given up on us.

To care for each person appropriately

We want to express God’s love through caring for those who are poor, unwell or unloved. We want to encourage each person to grow in their love, discipleship and service of Jesus Christ. We aim to offer Christian teaching from God’s word to resources the people of God to serve. We seek to bless the wider community in which we live.

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