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Arranging Your Wedding in Church
The moment when a couple face each other and make promises about spending the rest of their life together is a moving as well as a joyful event and it is our desire to make your special day just that - very special.

The process of getting married begins from the moment you let us know that you would like to consider getting married in our Church.

...Congratulations! You want to get married and you are thinking of having your service in our Church. First of all there are some questions we have to ask:

Are you qualified to get married in your local Church?
It is now possible for people to get married in a Church where they have (or have had) a reasonable family connection. The Church Council has drawn up a Policy which lays out the situation clearly. Click here for more information

Have you been married before?
If you have been married before, it may be possible for you to have your wedding in Church but you would need to speak to our Vicar first before a decision is made . However, if it is not possible, we would be delighted to have a service of Blessing for you and you can ask  for details of this.

What date and time are you planning?
We will do our best to cater for whatever date and time you would like to book for your service, but it may not always be possible due to holidays and the availability of the people who are needed for your service. The best thing is to visit the Parish Office and suggest a time and date as soon as possible and ask for it to be booked in the diary. We request a non refundable deposit of £50 is paid when you book your wedding.

Getting Your Banns Read
Once you have booked the place, date and time of your service, we will ask you to fill out a Banns Form. Getting married is a legal occasion when the Minister who marries you will act as the Registrar. So it is vital (for all legal reasons) that we have all of your details down correctly from the start. If one of you lives in another parish, then you will have to arrange to see the Vicar of that parish so that you can fill in a Banns Form in that parish.

The Banns are an announcement in the Church that you are intending to get married and lets everyone know - as well as being a legal requirement to check you are telling the truth! The Banns are usually read in the morning services of the parishes concerned and you do not need to go to hear them being read – but it is quite nice to do so!

You will need to check when the Banns are being read in the other parish and bring a Certificate from the Vicar of that Parish to prove they have been read. It may sound a bit complicated, but it isn't really.

How Much?
Getting married in church involves a lot of different things, including the administration costs of the wedding, the Minister, the Organist , the Verger,  and bells . We will be able to give you a full breakdown of the cost of your wedding and when it all needs to be paid when you attend the marriage preparation evening.

Getting Ready
There will also be a Wedding Rehearsal, usually a couple of days before the wedding, when we go through the service so that you will be confident of what to say and where to stand on the big day.

Please contact the Church Office for further information.

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